SNOOZYBEES™ Swaddle (Set of Two)

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“I have heard these are an absolute must have! Gonna buy my new grand-baby several!”

– Shari A., SNOOZYBEES™ Customer
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Safe, Secure, Soundly Sleeping Babies: What Could Be Better?

Your baby—and you—need regular, peaceful, sustained sleep to function at your best. Swaddling has been smart parents’ baby sleep secret for generations. Swaddling helps keep babies secure by holding their arms and legs in snugly, keeping them from flailing about and waking themselves up. It can also help regulate baby’s temperature, preventing disturbing hot/cold swings through the night. The benefits of an effective baby swaddle are real.

Not Every Swaddle Is Created Equal

If you’ve tried swaddling your baby, you know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Wrapping a baby swaddle can be complicated and, once you get your baby into one of these knotty swaddles, they have to be unwrapped and rewrapped for every diaper change and every move to a car seat. Dealing with fussy swaddles makes babies, moms, and dads fussy and completely defeats the purpose of swaddling, which is to help babies feel secure so they can sleep.

The Ultimate Swaddle Solution

SNOOZYBEES® sleep swaddle is a baby swaddle created to keep your baby secure and comfortable AND to be easy for you to use. Our unique, patent-pending design made from 100% GOT certified organic cotton is safe and multifunctional. The SNOOZYBEES® swaddle offers the following key features:

  • Dual zippers: SNOOZYBEES zip from the top and the bottom, making diaper changes a breeze.
  • Arm openings: Once your baby learns to roll over, the swaddle converts to a sleep sack.
  • Leg openings: With a quick and easy snap, you can open the snaps and secure baby into a car seat or stroller without needing to remove the swaddle or wake the baby.
  • Nursing pillow extension: SNOOZYBEES swaddle comes with a detachable nursing strap that connects with a zipper for stress-free nursing.


Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Your baby will sleep soundly, safely and securely bring your little one a peaceful night sleep and you, some peace of mind.

Even Doctors Agree That SNOOZYBEES™ Works
“The SNOOZYBEES™ Unique Patent Allows you to keep your child swaddled for longer periods to feel more comfortable, recreate the conditions of the womb, while staying safe.”

– Dr. Sarah Mitchell

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Elephant, Fish print, Green Color


0-3 months, 3-6 months

Color 2

Elephant, Fish print, Green Color

Size 2

3-6 months, 6-12 months


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