Boss Mom & Founder & CEO

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.. is a mom of two and a serial entrepreneur. It all started at 6, when she invented ‘a happy trunk’ and then at 21 when she left her country to build a career in the United States, she had been a hustler all through – figuring things out, problem-solving, making life simpler, better.
A moment that changed her life was when her first child was born. Her favorite thing to do after a very busy day at work is listening to country music while cooking and sipping her favorite wine..


Food Lover & Director of Operations

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Aside from having 10+ years in the supply chain, Jamie is a dad, a husband, and a great cook.
His list is never-ending. Tacos, bikes, dogs, basketball, travel and did we mention tacos?


“The Hacken”

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Matt Clark AKA “The Hacken” has 10 years of experience as a digital agency owner, full-stack developer and UX specialist. When he isn’t building the next killer app, Matt enjoys hanging out with his daughter Rylee, his partner Amber, and their pet mini-squid.


Cat Lover & Customer Success Manager

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Before getting into social media, Nicole spent five years owning and operating her own dog walking and pet sitting business.

Nicole enjoys going fishing, watching NHL hockey, drinking a cold beer or a glass of wine but also loves spending quality quiet time with her cat, Jane.


Shoeaholic & Director of Experience

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…Born and raised in NYC, Christina has her priorities straight – Food, Clothing, Shelter? Nah – Food, Fashion, Shelter, Shoes. Well it’s quite apparent with her 500 sq feet NYC apartment holding 260+ pair of shoes.


Unicorn Dad, Creative Ninja

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…is a proud stay-at-home dad who dedicated his life in making his little unicorn princess have the best life possible. He is an ex-corporate Photographer who decided to quit his 9-5 life to go 100% freelancing soon after his first daughter was born. Andrew loves nature and enjoys going for long hikes..

My story starts in 2017, where a baby swaddle sack was just being born…

When my first child was born, she had difficulty sleeping, and she didn’t sleep through the night until she was almost two years old. I had tried several swaddles, some too tight, some too loose that my daughter would escape from.

It was difficult to find a newborn baby swaddle I could trust.

Oftentimes, I would stay awake to keep an eye on her and make sure that she didn’t roll over and suffocate herself. Every time she would roll over, she would also wake herself up, so I’d put her back in the correct position.

A safe baby swaddle sack was the only solution.

When she would have a dirty diaper, I would unwrap the whole swaddle to change her, which would wake her up, and then I would have to put her back to sleep. Same thing with moving her into car seats/strollers while she was sleeping wearing the swaddle. Every task would need the swaddle to be unwrapped.

These are just a few of the many problems I faced as a new mom. But, when I delivered my second child, I decided to take all of these problems into my own hands, and I designed something that would fix everything. That’s when SNOOZYBEES™ was born. And the first time I tried it on my son, he slept for eight hours straight. Which means I slept for eight hours too.

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