Why Your Baby Needs this Cushy Sleep Sack and not a Brand

When it comes to our babies, there is nothing we won’t do to ensure that our babies receive the very best. Yet in the same breath, we are caught up with brands and advertisements causing us to feel lost when trying to choose the most functional and highest quality items for our babies.

With big brands, we are often paying a LOT MORE to cover their marketing costs and pad their already fat wallets. Whereas we often find that many small brands (with passionate owners) actually put in more thoughts, care and research behind their products.

When considering buying a sleep sack for your new-born, consider its features and benefits first.

Best Material.

SNOOZYBEES™ cushy sleep sacks ensure that your baby has a comfortable and peaceful snooze.

They are made from organic cotton which is the best material to place on your baby’s delicate skin. It is silky soft, keeps your baby warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather. Not to mention, organic cotton is free from toxic chemicals and has been ethically grown and produced.

Big brands don’t always aim for the best materials or ethics, instead they pick the best marketing agencies.

SNOOZYBEES sleep sacks for newborns are not just made from soft long-lasting natural fabric, but they also come in a range of beautiful soothing colors and designs to pick from. Certain colors are known to soothe babies more than others.

Optimal Temperature.

With the sleep sack for babies and newborns it is easy to monitor, regulate and maintain your baby’s body temperature. 

The combination of arm and leg openings, the dual zipper, along with a breathable fabric ensures your baby’s comfort and reduces the chance of overheating, a common issue with the more traditional swaddles. 

Such a cushy sleep sack is easy to remove and doesn’t need tiresome raveling and unraveling to keep your baby comfortable.

No kicking off the Covers.

By opting for a cushy sleep sack, you are investing in a product that has been created by parents to remedy the flaws of branded products that often fall short of expectations and are painfully overpriced.

The SNOOZYBEES™ cushy sleep sack has been made to maintain freedom of movement. Meaning that your baby is able to safely move their legs without being restricted to a tight swaddle. A sleep sack is better for hip and joint movement and reduces the risk of SIDs.

They have enough space to accommodate their newborn startle reflex without waking themselves, and as such are more likely to sleep for longer periods.

Easy to Use Design.

You will not find a simpler yet more practical design in the market today than SNOOZYBEES™ Swaddle . The easy zip up along with the arm and leg openings make it so easy to remove and place your baby inside the sleep sack.

The sleep sack for newborns will become an integral part of your day. It has been cleverly crafted to work when breastfeeding, and during diaper changes, meaning that your baby can fall straight back to sleep after a feed or change.

Best Solution for On-the-Go Parents.

The SNOOZYBEES™ sleep sack for babies and newborns is perfect for all parents, but especially fantastic for those leading a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

The legs out arms out feature on the sleep sack for babies makes moving your baby from home to car or stroller a breeze in the park. Having this nifty feature allows your baby to sleep on whilst saving you some time when your baby stays asleep instead of waking up just as you’re about to leave the house.

When it comes to child safety, brand names should cease to matter. Instead, well-researched and proven products should take the reins, especially those created by parents alike who know exactly what will make your life easier with a newborn.  

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