Creative ways to make your baby sleep even better

We often say “every child is different” when discussing or commenting on babies’ sleep patterns. We are taught that in order to thrive, babies need a lot of sleep, yet forums and groups are filled with daily pleas for answers surrounding the common questions “why won’t my baby sleep?” and “how do I get my baby to sleep longer?”.

There is constant comparison between parents about how much their babies sleep.

When our babies sleep less, we are subtly picked on by parents blessed with babies enjoying better, longer sleep. We take comfort in telling ourselves (and believing) ‘every baby is different’. They certainly are, in their own unique ways. But, there are some simple methods we can all use to help our babies sleep even better.  

According to The National Sleep Foundation and sites such as the Baby Centre, a newborn baby should typically sleep for a total of 14 to 17 hours in each 24-hour cycle. And that a baby between 4 and 11 months still needs 12 to 15 hours of total sleep a day.

(And you, Mama, need 8 hours altogether if you can).

It is then no wonder that parents all over the world are looking for creative sleep solutions to aid their baby’s sleep.

Use a cotton onesie and baby blanket.

As simple as it sounds, avoid buying synthetic clothes and blankets for your baby. This includes acrylic, polyester, rayon, acetate, and nylon for your baby, all of which are, according to Science Daily treated with a disturbing number of toxic chemicals, harmful to our sensitive babies.

Instead, opt for a breathable natural material such as cotton which will help keep your baby’s body temperature at an ideal level during sleep. For example, a cotton baby swaddle will cradle your baby comfortably, allowing for a relaxed and better sleep.

Don’t forget to check the material when investing in items such as; clothing, blankets, baby swaddles, and baby sleep bags.

Try Swaddling with a baby sleep bag.

The New SNOOZYBEES™ Swaddle Sack

If you’ve heard about swaddling and are keen to try it to help your baby sleep better, rest assured that gone are the days of a single baby swaddle method.

The creative baby sleep bags resolve the problem of a tricky baby swaddle which previously left parents wrapping their baby like a mummy with seemingly never-ending material.

Swaddling is highly beneficial for babies and infants of all ages, especially newborns still sporting the startle reflex that often shortens their nap.

As stated by The Baby Sleep Site, baby swaddling benefits include:

  • Reducing the chances of Moro reflex waking your baby from sleep
  • Increase in babies’ overall sleep time by recreating the womb environment
  • Mimicking touch which makes babies feel safer when asleep

Remember to check that you are swaddling your baby the right way.  

Baby massage.

Our babies enjoy a bit of spa treatment too. The benefits of massage are not limited to just the adult world, although it has recently gained more attention in the parenting world.

The production of further studies detailing the benefits, as well as baby massage classes have been set up by local members of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) to help babies and parents alike in gaining a more peaceful and improved lifestyle with their newborn.

According to IAIM some of the key benefits of baby massage can include:

  • Improved sleep patterns due to a reduction in stress hormones
  • Promoted sense of calm and happiness, thus more likely to calm themselves
  • Reduction in gas and colic which can cause discomfort and shorten a baby’s sleep time

Once your baby has received her relaxing massage and is dressed in pure cotton, she is ready for her baby swaddlesleep sack to drift off to a gentle slumber.

Baby care. Easy, hassle-free and fast. Sleep well.

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