7 Common Mistakes with Newborns you Must Avoid

It is hard adjusting to life with a newborn. We do everything to make sure the baby is happy, survive on very little sleep, and often have a busy schedule.

There is little time to think and process amidst the needs of our baby and so we succumb to common errors that make our lives harder rather than easier.

Below are the 7 Common Mistakes that we make when gifted with a newborn and tips on how to make our lives easier with a measured approach.

1. Believing Everything you Hear.

Inevitably, with a newborn, comes advice from all over the place. It seems everyone feels they must give you their input. Some of it will be useful but most of it will just overwhelm you and lead you to believe that you can’t cope.

There’s no one way to parent or raise a child because each one is so different from another, ultimately rendering all the advice from those nosey know-it-alls at the mall or grocery store useless.

The best advice you’ll receive is to just trust your instincts and consider the advice others give with a pinch of salt!

2. Not Equipping yourself with the Best Sleep Solutions.

These little angels can be a handful when it comes to sleeping

We already know that sleep is important when we have a baby. However, getting enough sleep with a newborn is so hard to come by in the early days so it is important to have a few sleep training methods up our sleeves.

To help you, try SNOOZYBEES™ baby sleep sacks which are made for comfort and are shown to help with sleep training your baby to have a few extra hours of sleep. This is achieved by recreating the feeling of the womb, and making them feel content and secure in a swaddle like sack. Not Burping the Baby Properly.

3. Not burping the baby properly

It is so easy to look at our milk drunk babies and feel apprehensive about waking them from their sleepy slumber. However, it is always worth burping your baby properly after a feed, even if it does, unfortunately, wake them up.

When well burped our babies are more likely to sleep for longer periods, and not wake up feeling uncomfortable with gas.

4. Thinking that you’ll get anywhere on time.

Prior to having children, we don’t exactly consider the implications that a child can have on our time keeping which can come as a shock if being on-time is your thing. (I went mad).

The organic cotton baby sleep sack can really add time to your day. It has been created with special leg openings that allows you to move your baby from crib to car seat or stroller without having to wake or unwrap them. 

This way we can get ourselves ready and move our babies easily whilst at least attempting to be on time. Forgetting that your Nutritional Needs Matter.

5. Forgetting that YOUR Nutritional Needs Matter.

Parents are so busy putting their newborn’s needs first, that we often forget to look after ourselves too. A healthy well-nourished mama usually equates a healthy baby.

Stock up on healthy snacks, fruits, and nutritious protein drinks and postnatal supplements to help support and fulfil your nutritional needs.

6. Forgetting that your Relationship is Important too.

It is crucial to the survival and happiness of any relationship to make quality time for each other. This is often made harder by the sudden change in dynamics when we have a small baby that needs us 24/7.

Try and allocate time when the baby sleeps to watch a film together, to catch up on each other’s day and just be present with one another.

The SNOOZYBEES™ Swaddle baby Sleep Sack will help your baby sleep for longer periods of time which in turn gives you time with your significant other. Not Using your Babymoon Time.

7. Not Using your Babymoon Time.

After birth, we are so keen to get back on our feet and show the world that we are coping with a newborn that we don’t make full use of the first few baby moon weeks.

The babymoon should be used for resting and bonding with our babies, for having quiet time, to just be, and to heal both physically and emotionally. It is a time when family and friends should dote on and care for you.

As new parents, we must realize that once we are up and about, the time to sit quietly undisturbed will have passed. If you need extra support during this time consider hiring a postnatal doula who can help you become a confident and self-assured parent.

Finally, try and nap whenever possible, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and eat nutritious healthy meals and snacks.

What challenges did you come across? Or do you have any tips that can help new mothers?

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